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Oxbridge Reveals Autumn Interior Design Trends 2018

posted by Rob on Friday, 5 October 2018

Rich tones, golden hues, tactile furniture, floral upholstery or tapestries; you’ll likely run into these terms in your search for autumn interior design trends 2018. But what if you’re new to design or just love to do up your house during the fall? Maybe hues and tones get lost in translation, and really, you’re just looking for some cool designs to replicate so you can become a home designer for a day and make your home the chicest house on the block.

Your home is your castle after all, and designing your home is an intimate and personal thing – you can design it any way you want! So, before sharing some of 2018’s must-do trends for autumn, take a moment to think about what autumn means to you. Let the thoughts fill you with happy nostalgia before transforming your living space.

To us, autumn conjures feelings of warm browns, yellows, oranges and reds mixed together. We’re picturing cosy blankets strewn across chocolatey furniture; crispy, bright log fires under carefully ornamented mantelpieces; rustic patterned bed spreads; timeless pieces such as pinecones, potpourri, lanterns, wreaths, and, of course, pumpkins.

Feeling all autumnal inside? Let’s test that! Which of the following two homes give you that autumn season feeling?

Interior design trends

Interior design trends






Now if you said picture number two, you’re still likely rocking a summer tan and are refusing to admit summer is over. Sad face. However, if you said number one, congrats, you’ve a keen eye and are ready to kickstart the fall in fashion. We’re about to divulge a range of autumn design trends we’ve discovered, but here’s something to consider as you go through the list. Wait for it…

Interior design trendsYup, it’s an empty room with an autumn backdrop – why not design your dream room as you go through the list? This can be a useful exercise for budding home designers needing a lil inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.


It’s all in the leaves – yup, leaves give you direction to the best colours to use to spruce up your home. However, did you know that autumn leaves take on many colours of varying shades? You might recognise your traditional yellow, orange and red, but what about pink, blue or even black… three of flashiest trending colours that’ll make your home pop this autumn. Couple pinks with pretty autumn florals, make a black statement wall, or play around with shapes and colours to create a unique blend that oozes style and has house guests calling for a house tour.

Interior design trends

However, if loud blues aren’t your thing, you might opt for earthy colours, rustic reds and cool purples. Imagine a gorgeously adorned sofa with warm woodland colours, coupled with the faint sent of pumpkin spice in the air. Visualise how colours complement one another to create a comfy living space to share with friends and family.


Have you an ideal colour in mind? Keep it there because we’re now going to texture trends – shaggy rugs, rugged cushions and the like. There’s a lot of interesting trends this year, which one will you steal for your perfect home?

On the one hand, there’s country-inspired tweeds, wools and natural woodland ornaments, such as pinecones, wreaths, terracotta pumpkins, felted acorns, and 7-foot garlands that lace the length of your new hewn banister.

In contrast, the runway is taking centre stage in the home with sequins, patents, leathers, vinyl and sleek plastics.

Just don’t mix them altogether… or will you? You’re the designer, so if you’re thinking glitz, glam, and glossy countertops, tweed cushions, honeycomb vases, and sparkly chandeliers hanging overhead bear black shaggy, sheepskin rugs, who are we to argue? Let your creativity take you to places you’ve only visited in dreams before.

We like the minimal look of this living room with its modest autumn palette, clean shaping, and simple textures!

Interior design trends


Talking about catwalks, animal patterns are all the rage this autumn. From tiger to leopard, zebra, and our faves, spotted and striped hyena – it’s no laughing matter (pun intended). These exotic prints embrace and add a fierce sense of independence, character and maturity to any living space. It also tells people you dare to be expressive.

Timeless, animal prints are bold and loud, but they need to be carefully positioned among lower key furniture. There’s having a bedroom that makes a statement, but you don’t want it understating your vision as a designer.

For example, this striking cattle print chair by Turnbull & Thomas (£360) or this fabulous zebra-style vase from Eden & Willow (£45) would lose their effect if surrounding furniture was just as daring and stole all their thunder.

Interior design trends

Interior design trends







What if animal prints aren’t your style? Well, lucky for you, we’re only getting started on patterns. There’s also many trend/worldly patterns, which include these lovely Aztec and Navajo-inspired rugs from Dunelm (from £49).

Interior design trends

Interior design trends








Next up are fashionable florals, fruits and jungle foliage. Take inspiration from autumn bloomers such as dahlias, celosias, perennials and rudbeckia. Forest fruits such as blackberries, rosehips and sloes can deliver a delicious finish just short of a pavlova. And if you like foliage patterns, there’s watercolour ivy, vibrant thickets and cacti.

For example, you might opt for this velvet statement cushion from John Lewis (£22.50) or Zazzle’s understated watercolour throw for your bed (62.55). There are plenty of options, from tapestries, paintings and ornamentals.

Interior design trendsInterior design trends







Interior Design Trends: Create Your Dream Room

If your mind is reeling with ideas – that’s great news! It means you like change and growth, which is important for healthy progression and wellbeing. Perhaps you’re thinking of transforming your home this autumn season from meek or mild to chic and wild. Autumn is a time to shed your leaves, let go of your burdens, and start anew.

So, if you’re thinking about designing your home, an interior design course can give you the knowledge to create practical or dare we say magical displays. Becoming an interior designer with Oxbridge is now easier, and you’ll learn everything from the history of design to planning, design elements and how to make a living as a designer.

Find out more about our interior design course today and transform your life and your home in autumn 2018!