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Life-long learning can benefit your health!

posted by Hannah on Thursday, 12 May 2016

We all know that being healthy is about much more than just keeping physically fit and eating well. There are also those other aspects of our lives that can further enhance our health, which can include life-long learning.

Research has shown that participation in life-long learning can have a number of beneficial outcomes, including helping recover from mental health difficulties and potentially protecting against the onset and progression of chronic illness and disability. A challenged and invigorated brain may also help people maintain their cognitive functions and ultimately prolong lifespans.

Life-long learning can also provide social and psychological benefits, including building self?esteem, developing self?efficacy and creating a sense of purpose. Furthermore, life-long learning allows us to expand our social circle and develop new skills, which again can have a long-lasting impact on health. E-Learning with Oxbridge Home Learning is a fantastic way for everyone to continue their learning, upskilling or re-training even if it’s just a course for personal interest or to keep your mind active with something you have always been interested in.

Accessing education has also been shown in particular to have a positive impact on the mental health of younger people and the physical performance of older people. With Oxbridge Home Learning the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination, why not indulge in that Creative writing course or fuel your love of criminal dramas with something you could get use out of and enjoy?

Taking part in learning can also facilitate better life chances, in regards to employment and economic stability, both of which have been shown to have a longer-term positive effect on prolonging life.

Evidence also suggests that those who continue to participate in education and training are more likely to also engage in healthy behaviours and less likely to form unhealthy habits.

Therefore, life-long learning can improve your health, make you feel happier, and give you the confidence to participate in further training and development. Gaining new skills can also give you the confidence needed to apply for promotion or make that career change. What are you waiting for?

Here at Oxbridge Home Learning we offer courses on a wide range of subject areas including psychology, counselling and food and nutrition. All our courses will not only benefit you educationally, but also health wise!