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Incredible Winter Prize Draw for New Oxbridge Learners

posted by Rob on Thursday, 5 December 2019

winter prize draw

Christmas is coming! We can feel it in our stockings. Things are heating up at Oxbridge, and our Rudolph red noses aren’t the only thing that is glowing.

We have some red hot prizes for students enrolling and learning new skills throughout December that will get their tinsel tangled. In fact, they are hotter than chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

We know positive endorphins enrich the brain and make us happier. And what makes us happier at Christmas? PRESENTS! That’s why we’re running an exclusive winter prize draw for December enrollers.

If you enrol on a course from now until Christmas Eve (when we announce the winners), you’ll instantly enter the draw.

Our jolly, Oxbridge elves have been wrapping presents for three lucky learners, who’ll be rocking around their Christmas trees well into the New Year.

But you gotta be in it to win it!

Okay, no more teasing… now to the good part…

Three Incredible Prizes up for Grabs

winter prize draw         winter prize draw         winter prize draw

  • 1st Prize: Apple iPad – Worth £349 – To binge on your favourite shows or surf the web for a new holiday
  • 2nd Prize: £100 Amazon Voucher – Worth £100 – for the gift Santa (*ahem* your partner *ahem*) didn’t buy
  • 3rd Prize: Oxbridge Learner’s Hamper – Worth £80 – filled with goodies, incl. a fidget square for managing the in-laws

Our Christmas prize draw is only open until Midnight 23 December. If you’re raring to go and have been thinking about learning something new or upgrading your skills, now is the perfect time to enrol. You can browse our broad course selection here.

But why would you invest in yourself this Christmas…

Let’s explore that notion.

The winter prize draw is open until Midnight 23 Dec. What’ll you learn in the New Year?

winter prize draw

Invest in Yourself this Christmas with Oxbridge

It’s that time of the year again when the manic hunt for gifts begins. You’ve got to buy for family, friends, distant family, their kids, your secret Santa colleague. You lost track at your brother’s wife’s son’s best friend’s niece.

All you know is you’re spending lots of money on other people but little to nothing on yourself.

And why? Because it’s Christmas!

We’ll rush to shopping centres that are crowded and out of stock. Stand in loooonnnngg queues for wrap and bows. And move at a snails pace in even longer traffic queues… in the snow… to get the turkey for the big day.

Call us new-fashioned, but we’re big fans of teaching our learners the benefits of investing in themselves.

The best gift you can offer yourself (or someone else) this year is self-development. Winning an iPad would be the cherry on the Christmas pudding. But the real prize we’re offering is knowledge, new skills, and a reason to ask for a promotion or wage rise. You could even chase your dream job with the right qualifications.

We’re all about learning without limits and giving you every chance to improve yourself on your terms. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a home mum, have specific learning difficulties or simply want a new skill, we’ve got the support and the courses to get you there in the New Year.

Success with Oxbridge is a guaranteed if you want it! Learning new skills is as easy as ABC.

And we’ve got everybody covered this Christmas, too. From GCSEs and A-levels to professional qualifications in childcare, bookkeeping and dog grooming, we’re sure to have a subject to pique your interest. With thousands of successful learners, there’s no time like the present (pun intended) to enhance your future.

Oxbridge promise all learners unlimited tutor support, the freedom to learn without limits, award-winning student services and learning materials, and flexible payment plans to suit people from all backgrounds.

So, what’s your passion? What gets you thinking and ready to take action? What skills will make you a better person, employee or spice up your life and career?

If you are an office worker, project management or event management can give you more leadership qualities. If you are someone empathetic, life coaching or mental health awareness are perfect. Or perhaps your resolution is getting a new hobby, we’ve great courses in fiction writing, garden design, and mindfulness.

Personal development over christmas. learning new skillsFive Benefits to Learning New Skills this Christmas

No matter who you are, whether you’re Joe Bloggs or Richard Branson, you should always be pushing to improve yourself. Bring a little joy to your world this New Year by investing in your personal development and learning new skills that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few benefits that’ll put a jingle in the step of all lifelong learners this Christmas:

1. Learning New Skills

What’s not to like about knowing how to do something new or being more informed. Whether it’s learning Photoshop to perfect photos or the guitar to woo at Christmas parties. Learning new skills should be everyone’s goal.

Did you know the most popular New Year’s resolution is going to the gym? People are obsessed with learning how to keep their diets in check (it takes a lot of skill). For many others, it’s learning to drive… a skill that can open up so many opportunities, both fun and professionally.

The modern world is moving at a rapid pace. People don’t slow down, so having a new skill or two to shout about is important. Learning means you’re constantly evolving, offering something new, and this makes you interesting and relevant. It also tells other people that you care about your progression, which is a highly attractive quality.

2. Be In Demand

Imagine being that person who decided to learn something new over Christmas. The new skills you’ve learnt have made you better at your job. In fact, you can do more things, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Employers like people who are talented in multiple areas. Soft skills, such as listening skills are top of the list. And hard skills, such as gaining a certificate of learning, are vital to meeting the needs of many roles.

Whether you’re a star writer or an animal expert, being in demand is as simple as staying fresh and adding to your already glowing skill set. And if you’re just starting out, no worries. Learning new skills puts you leaps ahead of those that don’t have them. With some experience, you’ll be at the top of every recruiter hit list.

3. Greater Earning Potential

Picture this. You’re a hiring manager looking for a highly skilled bookkeeper. You’re willing to pay them a tidy sum, because, you know, they’re highly skilled. You’ve two promising candidates, both good at their job. One bookkeeper can only do the accounts for your business the other can do accounts, payroll and is an Excel whizz. Who would you pick?

When you’re growing and investing in your own personal development, your skillset becomes more attractive to recruiters and employers. You’ll have more to bargain with. After all, having more skill or experience in specific areas others might not have makes you a valuable asset. The higher your value the more earning potential. Happy days.

When you’re growing and investing in your personal development, your skill set becomes more attractive to recruiters and employers.

4. Gain Perspective

When you invest in yourself, you gain a better perspective. And what we mean by ‘perspective’ is that you’ll become more aware of what you’re capable of or what’s realistically possible. You’ll be able to set achievable targets and know how to learn from your mistakes.

A new skill gives you insight, giving you more options to find a solution to a variety of problems. Best of all, you’ll become an authority in a particular subject area people turn to and trust.

For example, if you hold a Counselling diploma, your opinion on key counselling issues would be more welcomed and respected than someone by who doesn’t have a qualification. Having perspective can make a real difference in your life. Enhance yours today!

5. Growth is Good For the Soul

German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said that ‘there is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action’. What he’s talking about is that a lack of knowledge can be dangerous. For example, would you trust someone to prescribe you medicine if they weren’t a trained doctor? Or would you allow someone with zero finance knowledge to handle your wage each month?

That’s not to say you need to be a master of every subject, but if you want people to vouch for your skills or insight, having the right knowledge and experience makes a difference.

Besides, growth is good for the soul. Knowing more means you’ll have a better understanding of the world, and having more skills under your belt often works in your favour. Whether you’re asking for that pay rise or looking to climb the ladder in your chosen career or workplace.

And, of course, knowing stuff is, ya know, fun, too. We love lifelong learners who’re ready to lay the smackdown and start sleighing it in the learning arena.

Enrol before Midnight on 23 December to get ahead for the New Year. You may go to bed on Christmas Eve knowing a shiny iPad will be making its way to you. Another benefit of studying with us this year!

Mr and Mrs Claus. learning new skills

Smart Ways to use the iPad, Amazon Vouchers or the Hamper for Learning

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. We’ve three incredible prizes in our winter prize draw to send to lifelong learners enrolling with us in December.

Our founder, Matt, who loves dressing as Santa (see pic) is loading his sleigh as we type to take to the Post Office run by ice cool polar bears. How else could we ship it via polar express delivery?

But enough of the bad jokes. We thought we’d get you all excited for the prizes by sharing some nifty ways you might use them to enhance your learning or other fun activities.

Smart Ways To Use an iPad For Learning

We’re advocates of accessibility at Oxbridge. And an iPad is the perfect companion for studying anytime, anywhere, anyhow. You can take it on all kinds of trains, planes, and automobiles. It slips nicely into your backpack or handbag, the sleeve in the back of a car seat, the storage section of a pram or buggy.

Whether you’re standing in a queue purchasing ingredients for Nana’s mince pies or sitting in the waiting room of a dental practice after eating too many of those pies, at the click of a button, voila, your learning is there, even if it’s for just five minutes.

So, accessibility is great, but how can an iPad help your learning. We’ll show you how:

Millions of Hours of Video Content

There are hundreds of thousands of educational videos on every subject out there just waiting to be consumed, whether they’re a part of your learning materials or on websites such as YouTube. Everything from dissecting a frog to learning the basics of the piano, and how to make the world’s biggest Nerf gun (an engineer’s fun project).

Did you know, on average, we watch at least 1 hour of video every single week (and many more). As the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text, you’re guaranteed to absorb content around what you’re learning at a faster rate. And, when you’re ready to procrastinate, you can watch a screaming goat version of All I Want For Christmas.

We’ve three incredible prizes to send to lifelong learners enrolling with us in December.

Personalise your Learning Experience

An iPad is an amazing tool for learners when you know how to use it to your advantage. On booting it up for the first time, you’re already blessed with a range of highly useful apps: Notes, Numbers, Calendar, Pages and Reminders, Voice Memos, iBooks, iMovie, and even Garageband.

These can be personalised to your liking, helping you stay on top of your learning, reading, and other commitments.

For example, Notes lets you create checklists, draw or sketch ideas, scan and sign documents, and even add photos and attachments. Voice Memos lets you dictate your thoughts. Garageband can help you edit those memos. Pages lets you create posters, letters and cards and Numbers gives you the power of spreadsheets. iBooks is also perfect for downloading all the books you can read around your course subject.

All this before you even explore the app stores mammoth list of learning apps! Okay, we’ll list a few of our favourite store apps, too:

  • Win an ipad at christmas. learning new skillsEvernote: Want a better version of Notes with a ton more features? Evernote is the daddy of all note-taking apps. It can do everything from snip sections from web pages, save your research, and you can even collaborate and share ideas in a team.
  • Quizlet: In the developer’s words ‘Quizlet makes studying fun, easy, and effective.’ You can brush up on your knowledge, take quizzes made by other users, make flashcards, test your memory and enhance your experience with images and audio.
  • BBC Bitesize: Call us biased, but we’re big fans of revision. And if you’re enrolled on one of our GCSE courses with exams in the pipeline, you can’t go wrong with GCSE Bitesize. Complete with a ton of content to give you a richer, fuller revision experience.
  • Trello: Manage your workload and projects like a boss. It’s easy to juggle tasks into different columns whether you’re in the planning, drafting or editing stages. And there’s always satisfaction in dragging your project into the complete column.

Smart Ways To Use Amazon Vouchers For Learning

Now we’re not in business to tell people how to spend their vouchers – especially at Christmas. But if you were to spend them on your learning, you can’t go wrong with stocking up on the essentials: notebooks, stationery, revision tools, timetables, folders, extra books.

You could even purchase food baskets filled with vital energy-conserving food: cookies, sweets and treats.

Depending on your course, those essentials might change. Let’s take a look at some potential items you might purchase for some of our course ranges.

  • Beauty Courses: The right beauty kit for the treatment you’re learning. Whether it’s Henna, Nail Art or a 7-in-1 Beauty extravaganza, the right kit makes a real difference.
  • Writing CoursesNotebooks, software such as Microsoft Word, style guides on grammar and punctuation, novels or books to spur your imagination or overcome writer’s block.
  • Design CoursesSketch pads, pencil sets, angular stationery such as a protractor. Depending on what type of designer, e.g. Garden, Interior, the software will aid your learning.
  • Finance CoursesSoftware like Excel is a must, but you might opt for books/software in the area you’re interested in, such as corporate finance, a scientific calculator, a ruler set.
  • Language Courses: You might invest in a dictionary, flashcards, colour sticky notes, audiobooks or a word of the day calendar written in the language you’re studying.

Are you a lifelong learner who’s ready to sleigh it in the learning arena?

Smart Ways To Use Our Hamper For Learning

Thinking about developing your personal development. learning new skillsEverybody likes a good old hamper at Christmas. And we’ve filled our special Learner’s Hamper with everything a student needs to survive Christmas… and an assignment or two.

We’ve included gifts for all situations: a water bottle for the cold weather. Headphones so you can zone out to your favourite music. Cookies and hot chocolate, for when you’re parched and need a sweet treat to pick you up.

We’ve even thrown in inspirational books, an all in one sticky note set, and something special for when you’re feeling extra fidgety.

Packed with love, everything comes in a gorgeous woven basket, fully usable time and again for all kinds of stuff. We recommend using it for picnics in the summer. Fill it with snacks, your learning materials, and off you go to the beach for a wonderful study session. You might even snag yourself a lovely summer tan!

Learning Without Limits with Oxbridge

Want to get a jump-start on New Year? Find your passion and grow skills that impress employers across all sectors? Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, you can always do more in life and learning.

Treat your mind to the gift of knowledge this December and enter our winter prize draw. You might just win an iPad. What tickles your fancy? Have a browse of our range of courses.