Higher Education White Paper : how will this affect you?

Posted: Friday, May 27, 2016 | Author: Hannah Beresford

A recent White Paper on Higher Education (HE) has listed a number of proposals aimed at improving the student experience. These could well be relevant to you if you are considering entering university within the next few years. The overall aim of the suggestions listed in the paper is to encourage more competition within the field of HE and better value for you as students.

One of the proposals in the White Paper is to make it easier for new universities to open. Potentially, this would mean you being able to locate a wider range of courses at more specialised institutions. However, there have been a number of concerns raised about the possibility of there being inadequate controls in place to regulate new universities.

Another proposal, which is due to come in to place over the next four years, will be the Teaching Excellence Framework. This will have an impact on both teaching staff within HE and also you as students. Students will be able to have greater say in the quality of teaching they can expect from higher education institutions. This is particularly relevant, given the increasing cost of tuition.

The White Paper is also proposing the creation of a watchdog called the Office for Students, which will aim to have students’ needs at its centre. The Office for Students will ensure that a high-quality HE experience is available for students from all backgrounds.

HE institutions will also face pressure to admit students from a wider range of social backgrounds. This relates to the fact that a number of the top universities in the UK are still dominated by students from wealthier families. As a result, universities will have to produce much more detailed information about applications and admissions, in terms of gender, ethnicity and family income.

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