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The must-have Christmas toy of years gone by

posted by Hannah on Friday, 25 November 2016

Every year there is that one must-have Christmas toy added to Santa’s lists across the world, causing parents and elves alike to break out into a cold sweat.

The creme de la creme of Christmas toys this time around is something called Hatchimal, an interactive bird that seemingly hatches itself out of an egg. Many reports indicate that trying to track down a Hatchimal will be no easy task. In fact, most major high street retailers have already sold out. The must-have Christmas toy is proving illusive.

Well, what other Christmas toys have sent parents into a frenzy?

Buzz Lightyear

Christmas 1996 was the year that parents everywhere were desperately searching the stores for this spaceman sensation. Its popularity was a direct result of that year’s release of the smash hit animated movie Toy Story.


This was my must-have Christmas toy of the year! This virtual pet originated in Japan and took the world by storm in 1997. Kids (and adults) everywhere were hoping for one in the bottom of their Christmas stocking.

Bob the Builder

This cheeky little builder dominated the early noughties and was a firm favourite for children at Christmas 2001. The release of the irritatingly catchy theme song for the series (Can We Fix It?) in 2000 further boosted the popularity of Bob the Builder and his assorted pals.

The must-have Christmas toy of 2014: Frozen

The year 2014 truly belonged to Frozen. The film itself grossed $1.3b at the box office after its release in late 2013. The following Christmas saw children waking up to various related items of merchandise; including Elsa dolls and a plethora of dress-up costumes.

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If you can’t find that much longed-for Christmas toy this year, you may just have to take a cue from Frozen and “Let it Go.”