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A bite of the Apple

posted by Carla on Thursday, 15 December 2016

Are you addicted to Apple products? For many, the answer is probably yes. If so, you may be interested to learn more about how this brand became so dominant. Take a bite of the apple!

Please Queue Here

The recent release of the iPhone 7 has caused the usual media furore, leading to Apple devotees queuing for days outside stores in major cities across the world so they could be among the first to hold one in their hands. Unsurprisingly, especially based on previous launches of Apple products, the iPhone 7 sold out straight away.

Your Strategy

If you are a fan of the Apple brand, you usually need very little encouragement to buy their products; even in the face of occasional technological glitches. Consider this – how has the Apple business model worked so well, and could you have a similar head for business strategy? Could you develop this?

Steve Jobs

The name Steve Jobs will be familiar to the majority of you. He was the CEO of Apple and the person who led the company into the global market. Jobs made the decision to focus on innovation, sleek design and ultimate functionality, which set the tone for all Apple products. He also realised the need to invest money into a clever marketing campaign to turn around the perception of the Apple brand, which had long been on the decline. Jobs also lead the way by being a vocal and charismatic advocate for his company’s products. The combination of a dynamic marketing campaign and investment in innovation brought you the Apple brand that you know and love today.

Learning and you

If you are interested in how companies like Apple successfully implemented their business models, consider Oxbridge Home Learning’s business courses. The Business Marketing Level 3 distance learning course will be useful if you want to understand better how marketing works.

You could be the next Steve Jobs!

Go on take a bite of the Apple and #BeMore