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Dog grooming is booming!

posted by Hannah on Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Dog owners will do anything for their beloved pooches! As a result, the animal care industry continues to grow and develop. Have you tried to get an appointment with a Dog Groomer? Sometimes you have book weeks in advance – there are simply not enough groomers for the demand! That’s why many are looking to become a dog groomer.

Those with disposable income and busy lives are willing to pay someone else to groom their dogs. Therefore, if you have an interest in this area of pet care, now could be a good time to open your own dog grooming business. Many dog owners are not aware of the needs and intricacies of having their dog groomed and so are unable to do it themselves.

What is dog grooming?

A professional dog grooming business does not just offer a basic cleaning service but will also provide personalised grooming for each different dog. Dog grooming businesses usually offer a nail trimming service and a general health check-up as well. You will also need to offer advice to the owner on how to maintain their pet’s coat.

Could I become a dog groomer?

You will need to have a genuine passion for dogs and feel comfortable working with a wide range of breeds. You will also need to develop the necessary skills for running your own business. Like our courses, Dog Grooming is very flexible, you could start a home-based business which would mean initial lower costs perhaps then progressing to a Dog Grooming van, like a mobile salon!

Business model

Dog grooming businesses are normally small enterprises. Therefore, it is likely that you would be working alone or with a small group of employees. The benefit of this is that you will have a lot of independence and control, as well as being able to set your own hours. However, this does mean that you will need to stay organised and be able to accept a high level of responsibility.

Here at Oxbridge Home Learning, we offer a comprehensive Dog Grooming Level 3 Diploma. By studying this online home learning course, you will discover the requirements that are needed to become a dog groomer and start your own dog grooming business.

This will include learning about the anatomy and physiology of dogs. You will also find out about different behavioural profiles and discover how to handle a dog safely. You will also learn the practical parts of this job with interactive quizzes and videos, including brushing the coat to remove unwanted hair, clipping or using scissors, bathing, drying and finishing.

If you would love to become a Dog Groomer and spend your working days doing something you love then this home study course could be ideal for you, study in your own time at your own pace at your own convenience.