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Beating the blues

posted by Carla on Thursday, 8 December 2016

The clocks turned back a few of weeks ago. How are you all feeling? In theory, you should still be enjoying the benefits of that extra hour. However, if you are like many people, and like me, you may be starting to suffer from the shorter days and darker evenings. Here I give you some great ways of beating the blues

The earlier onset of darkness can lead to a decrease in mood and a general lack of motivation. Never has a hot cup of tea and sitting under a blanket seemed more tempting! But there are many ways to survive these winter months! It is important to remember that the winter can be a truly magical time, with lots to look forward to!

Beating the Blues; Let there be light

One way of literally brightening up these dark evenings is to increase the light around you by lighting your wood-burning stove or having a nice hot bath surrounded by candles. Fairy lights dotted around can also turn you home into a winter wonderland. Literally cannot wait to do this to my home … i love the Christmas preparations more than Christmas itsELF! Hahaha!

Keep active

It is tempting to remain indoors as the temperature drops and the evenings draw in. But it is important to continue to stay active; as this benefits both your mental and physical health, both of which are especially important during this time of year. You do not necessarily need to maintain your three-mile, after-work run, but you should aim to have a lunchtime walk or pop out for a stroll with a friend.

Get cooking

Studies have indicated that cooking can be very therapeutic; even though this time of year can make you more inclined to dig out takeaway menus rather than cook a meal. It may have something to do with the feeling of having less time in the day. Don’t forget – there are lots of tasty, hearty winter dishes you can experiment with that use seasonal ingredients, such as sweet potatoes, turnips and, of course, cinnamon and other winter spices!

Last of all, if the winter blues are beginning to impact you significantly, and you feel like you aren’t beating the blues just remember that residents of Nordic countries sometimes face days on end without any sign of the sun! It won’t be long before the days start getting brighter again!

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