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How to have a Healthy Start to 2018

posted by Rob on Friday, 5 January 2018

Christmas Overload?

Christmas is over, and we’re into 2018. Like me, do you need a healthy start to 2018? You are more than likely several pounds heavier, even if your wallet is several pounds lighter. The season of goodwill and festive joy is well known as the season of overindulging. Most of you will agree that you ate one or three too many mince pies.

The festive period may be over, but kitchens across the country are still filled with half-empty bottles of port and forgotten boxes of chocolates. All too tempting. This period of overindulgence at Christmas time can often lead to feelings of guilt. And soon after a determination to get straight on a diet in the new year. Gym memberships at this time of year increase dramatically, and new runners suddenly fill the streets.

A Healthy start to 2018 and Resolutions

It’s tempting to make a long list of resolutions when January comes around. But despite your good intentions, how many times have you caved into temptation just a few days later? The problem is, it’s never easy to commit to a lot of major changes all at the same time. Instead, why not try taking smaller steps to reach your goal? Small changes can lead to healthy habits, and can have a big impact on your health and well-being.

Here are my top 3 healthy changes:

  1. Take the stairs, I really have no excuses for this one!
  2. Taking part in Dry January, shouldn’t be too hard and my liver will appreciate. Take a look here at what happens when you give up alcohol. And here The Telegraph gives us some delicious non-alcoholic alternatives
  3. Going to bed half an hour earlier, to recoup some of that missed sleep!


Let’s be realistic we aren’t saying it’s time for a ‘new you‘ but just a better version. Take time out for yourself, focus on being happy and that will affect everything you do and everyone around you.

However, for many people, this initial enthusiasm to get fit and healthy starts to diminish and fade against the harsh realities of the winter months. Unfortunately, dwindling enthusiasm can then cause many of you to fall back into your old habits, which includes eating poorly.

Educate yourself for a Healthy start to 2018

Research shows that the key to changing the way you think about food is for you to have a good understanding of what eating well means. There are countless keep fit DVDs and fad diet books that hit the shelves around this time of year. However, these items are unlikely to have any significant impact if you do not also have an appreciation of what being healthy means.

If you would like to learn more about eating well, or if you have an interest in helping others to do so, one of Oxbridge Home Learning’s distance learning Diet & Nutrition courses would be a great place to start. These courses will teach you about the principles of healthy eating and help you understand the barriers to living a healthy lifestyle. Oxbridge Home Learning courses provide an engaging way to learn more about food and nutrition.