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7 easy ways to a younger thinking brain

posted by Hannah on Monday, 4 July 2016

Do you want a younger thinking brain?

The gym trains your muscles. You may go for a run or go for hikes to train your endurance. Maybe you do neither of those, but still wish you exercised more. Well, here is how to train one of the most important parts of your body: your brain. All parts of our body age. And our brain does too. Perhaps you have witnessed the natural deterioration of brain functions in older relatives?

Here are 7 easy ways to a younger thinking brain:

  1. Focus on what is important and de-clutter

Like if you have a computer and have too many programs open at once, it will slow down and work less effectively.

Tip Turn off your mobile, laptop and focus on one task

  1. Manage your stress levels

Some stress is good; some people thrive on it but most of us don’t function well on it

Tip  Sit quietly for 10 minutes a day, concentrate on breathing and allowing your thoughts to enter your mind.

  1. Brain Training

A multi-million-pound business, there must be something in it right?

Tip  if gaming just isn’t you try more traditional ways to challenge the mind, word searches or Sudoku.

  1. Re- Skill or Re-Train

Doing something new, especially if you enjoy it can change the structure of the brain. Expand that Hippocampus!

Tip  Enrol on a college course, online if you haven’t got the time, do something you enjoy in your spare time.

  1. Eat well

We all know we should but how many of us do?

Tip Write down your current diet each time you eat something, then start making a few swaps. We think you’ll be surprised at what you eat that you think you don’t!

  1. Take an exercise class or go on a walk

What is good for your heart is often good for your brain. Research suggests that those who exercise regularly perform better in cognitive tests than those that don’t.

Tip  Even if it means taking a brisk walk around where you live or dusting off the cross trainer in the corner of your room, you know  the one that has been holding up all those clothes you have been meaning to hang up!

  1. Get a good Night’s Sleep

Rest and recuperation, sleep deprivation can affect our memory and performance.

Tip  if you are getting less than 7 hours’ sleep take some measures to address this, make that bedroom dark and comfortable, develop a relaxing bedtime routine.