4 Great Reasons for working in the healthcare sector

Posted: Friday, November 18, 2016 | Author: Carla Kearney

If there is one area in which you can make a daily difference to people is working in the healthcare sector. Whether you are a Doctor or Nurse, Administrator or Porter or if you work in a hands-off role, you make a difference!

The aim of working in the healthcare sector is to be part of a passionate team. A team united by wanting to give the best care and treatment as possible. Whether you are hands on or not healthcare could suit you:

Working in the healthcare sector is plentiful

The NHS is the largest employer with in excess of 350 roles and more than 1.6 million staff. There are a huge range of employment opportunities within the private sector too, with healthcare companies holding 25% of the total number of healthcare jobs.

Working in the healthcare sector is self fulfilling

You are in a position where you know that daily you are helping. Job satisfaction although at times hard and draining, is a given! More and more people requiring help. Experts have predicted that the UK population will rise by almost 10 million over the next 25 years, this is in addition to people living longer because of better health knowledge and the advancements in medicine.

Entry at any level

Healthcare is a sector that will welcome you no matter your age, background or level of experience. Healthcare is great for school leavers to graduates. Being hands on is not the only option.

If hands on is not your area and you don’t want to be there are plenty of alternatives in health care. There are roles in administration, customer care, customer services. Research from Skills for health shows 40% of the 2.1 million people who work in the UK health sector are support staff.

Great benefits

Pension scheme, defined pay scale, personal development, subsidised travel is among some of the things you can benefit from. Not to mention the excellent holidays, healthcare and flexible working hours.

We spoke with Ashley who has recently completed one of our Health and Social Care courses, she said:

“I started in healthcare 8 years ago, with no qualifications and no experience through the years i have progressed through various roles. This has been down to hard work on my part but also the understanding and flexibility of working with the NHS. The NHS has supported me through my learning and self-development. The best part of my job, regardless of the roles I have been in is seeing the patient so much better after they have been in mine or my teams care. I have a renewed passion each day, its that feeling of I’ve made a difference”

There will be a time in everyone’s lives when they need some care and support from a health and social care worker. Oxbridge Home Learning nationally recognised online courses are designed so you have the skills needed to work with some of society’s most vulnerable people. These could include but are not limited to; the elderly, children, and adults with learning difficulties.

If you would like to learn more about Oxbridge Home Learning and the courses we offer have a look at our website by clicking here.


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