How do I become a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a valuable asset and such a rewarding job, every wedding is different and you yourself have a chance to make a milestone event in people’s lives making fabulous memories and a beautiful day that will not be forgotten.

It’s not just about picking a venue and telling the bride what time she has to turn up, as a wedding planner that whole day is what you make of it, literally even down to picking the suppliers and agreeing to a price on flowers, table decoration, photography and caterers. It’s down to you, so making it special is the main thing and at the end of it you will feel a great accomplishment knowing that this day was made perfect by yourself. Can you imagine yourself doing this, is this career describing you? If so then this is the career for you!

The Job

It is a very, hands on job, you will need patience and a good eye, assisting with design and incorporating themes perfect for the big day, putting forward your ideas and using your imagination to its fullest, a very exciting and creative job, who wouldn’t want this, something you won’t get bored of as every wedding day is so different in many spectacular ways.


The skill you will need for this much sort after career, excellent organisation skills, good-etiquette great Customer Service skills, negotiation skills, the ability to manage and stick to a budget, meet deadlines, you must also be able to deal with pressure we have all heard of bridezilla, so being calm, confident and professional while still understanding the bride’s psychology, (including her anxiety and stress) being a people person is also a must in this career, imagination is a very important part.