Becoming a Nursery Nurse is such a rewarding job, not only do you have to be hands on in this career but you also get to know each and every one of the children by name, with each child having the own unique personality.

It’s not just about going to work 9-5 , this career is like an adventure, some days will be a slightly more stressful than others, some days you may not have a clue how to stop a child from screaming and having a tantrum, but this is normal this happens every day not just to nursery nurses, but teachers and even parents, it’s all part of your learning and how you cope with the situation , there are no 2 days the same in this kind of job, but the satisfaction you will gain from doing this will be immense, helping and even teaching a children to grow in all aspects of life is a reward in itself , having a child trust you enough to come to you to tell you there problem and ask for your help will show you not only how much they have gained your trust but how close you have become, trusted in your workplace and their lives.


Being confident, interested, wanting to learn and having patience are just the basics, being creative, imaginative being able to staying calm under pressure and give encouragement, having the ability to let the children trust in you and feel secure and comfortable around you, build a relationship not only with the children but their parents too, Decision making and the ability to cope with noise, crying oh and don’t forget the Temper tantrums that come along with most 2-5 year olds.