Is this the type of person you are? Are you open-minded, non-judgemental can you give good advice are you the type of person that will sit and help someone else, give them the advice they need to hear not what they want to hear, then life coaching is for you aim to support your clients to take self-control in relationship’s, careers, fitness, self-confidence. Your clients will all differ some will be regular like weekly others maybe monthly or one offs or even a group of people like work colleagues or a business. Remember not to mix life coaching up as a therapist you may have to advise clients on other professions i.e. Psychology Courses or counselling, being a life coach is helping to achieve a life goal it helps people gain Confidence, Self-Worth & Self Esteem. Life coaches are highly trained as generalists and can coach superbly on any aspect of life they are professional they believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life

“Dare to dream big”

Life coaching really benefits you in different ways, you can need the help of a life coach for example; giving up smoking, dieting all different reasons fitness, fashion, do you think you need one in your life? Do you think this is the career for you, can you visualise yourself doing this making a difference in other people’s lives if so then let’s get this moving?