Do you have a flair for creating dazzling Garden designs, good eye for plants, Garden design deals with all aspects of the garden, transferring outdoor space creating a garden to planting pots and even the lawn, Most Gardeners are self -employed but you can be a business partner or even design gardens for other Gardeners, Gardening can be an intense and quite often students or new employees are very surprised at how much physical work actually goes into this kind of job.

When being a Garden Designer it’s not all about planting plants, Garden designers provide a complete service, including planting plans, hard landscape elements (paths, walls, paving, decking) and special features such as water features, lighting and garden furniture Garden Design architecture is a chartered profession, meaning that you will need a degree followed by a period of study at work to qualify fully, However you must remember that during the winter you may not have much work on, as it starts getting dark early, and due to weather changes you may not always be able to get on with the work you had set for that day.