How do I become a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor

The use of Alcohol and Drugs is such a controversial issue in our society, it’s a growing concern and is often a hidden problem.

Many people automatically think Drug addiction is cocaine, heroin, weed, even butane gas and stronger substances like Crack-cocaine. However, a lot of the time Drug addiction is and starts from over the counter prescription pills and medication, a lot of the time the medication people become addicted to are painkillers, anti-depressants-sleep deprivation tablets, anxiety and CNS which are for the nervous system. If you are already addicted to substances such as Heroin you can become addicted to the antidote which is Methadone, which is also a prescribed drug to get over the need for Heroin and other drug abuse.

Alcohol addiction is a physical and chemical addiction, which causes you to become dependent on alcohol, which leads to you needing to have the substance in your body to be able to function and go about your day, without alcohol in your system you (Think) you can’t function properly, it’s a downwards spiral to destroying everything in your life.

If you think you can help someone or others to overcome these terrible addictions, maybe you have the addiction and want to help yourself or maybe you have overcome your Addictions and now want to help others do the same then this is the course for you.

The Job

This Beauty Therapy Level 2 course is designed for students wanting to learn a skill in Beauty Therapy providing you with all the indispensable customer service and beauty skills you will need working in beauty therapy.